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Ke Nalu Standup Paddles Within Europe

Ke Nalu Standup Paddles Within Europe

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Sometimes the best ideas are accidents. The Downwinder SUP paddle from Ke Nalu is a combination of an Elite Blade and an xTuf Uni carbon shaft (63″).  It’s MAGIC.  Not only is it super easy on your shoulders, but the flex launches you into swells, and the flex is all in the right places. 

The Ho'oloa blade has a slightly softened catch due to the narrower width but more drive due to the increased length and larger 'sweet spot'. The narrower overall profile also helps to reduce flutter tendencies & keep the power more 'centered' around the shaft. 

To configure your paddle, you will need to choose a Blade, a Shaft, and a Handle.

Wiki 84 Blade is 8" x 15" and 84 sq. inches, total paddle weighs 495 grams. The Wiki blade recovers very quickly.

Maliko Blade is 8.5" x 16" and 95 sq. inches, total paddle weighs 555 grams.

Molokai Blade is 9" x 17" and 105 sq. inches, total paddle weights 565 grams. Perfect for surfing or racing.

Ho'oloa 84 Blade is 7.5" x 16" and 84 sq. inches. 

Ho'oloa 95 Blade is 8" x 17" and 95 sq. inches. 

Paddle Lengths, uncut Standard Shaft: Wiki: 82", Maliko: 83", Molokai: 84", Ho'oloa 84: 83", Ho'oloa 85: 84".